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University of California (UC)


Seniors planning to apply to one of the 10 University of California (UC) campuses for Fall 2025 admission should begin working on their applications now.  Although students can begin to work on their application, the window for application submission will be open from October 1, 2024 through November 30, 2024. 
To apply students must:
  • Obtain an unofficial copy of your high school transcript from parent portal to be used to self-report your classes and grades on your UC application. 
  • Complete the UC application, write your college essay, and pay your application fee online at Complete one UC application for all campuses to which you are applying. Application fee is $80.00 per campus. Application window will be open from August 1 through November 30. You can start your application now, but cannot submit it until October 1.
  • Contact College Board/AP Central to have your AP scores sent to all UC campuses to which you've applied.
  • Send official transcripts only when directed to do so. UC will determine your grade point average based on the classes and grades you self-report during the application process. The UC campus which you commit to attend will prompt you to send an official transcript upon graduation from high school.
  • UC does require college essays called Personal Insight Questions (PIQ). Students are provided 8 questions and must respond to 4 of their choosing. Each response is limited to 350 words.
  • UC does not require letters of recommendation.
CSU Requirements
You will need an unofficial copy of your transcript to complete this application.  You can get this from your parent or student portal account.


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