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Parking Permits


Students interested in purchasing a parking permit may do so by seeing Mrs. Patrzalek in the Attendance Office before or after school. If a student received and “F” on his/her 2nd semester report card last school year or is on Step 2 or higher of a Behavior Contract, he/she is not eligible for a parking permit.
Junior students (11th grade) who are interested in putting their name in the upcoming parking permit lottery must have attended the Safety Driving Presentation which was offered last May or the presentation on August 30th in the porthole theatre from 6:30 to 8:00pm. A parent/guardian must attend the presentation with the student. Attending the Safety Driving Presentation does NOT mean that a student's name is automatically entered in the lottery. Mrs. Patrzalek will be making announcements the first couple of weeks in September for students to enter their name in the lottery.
If a student cannot make the DHHS presentation, other high schools will be offering it (see list of schools below). If attending a presentation at another school site, students must obtain something in writing from the host school verifying that they attended the presentation. Please bring this written verification to Mrs. Patrzalek in the DHHS Attendance office to enter the lottery.


Seniors:  If you are interested in obtaining a parking permit you may pick a copy up in the Attendance Office with Mrs. Patrzalek or download a copy on-line. Please read the application in its entirety, especially the Parking Rules, Regulations, and General Information.
Juniors: Please listen for announcements regarding the upcoming Parking Lottery. Please make sure you attend the Master Drive Parking Presentation to be able to enter your name (DATES TBA)
***Juniors if you cannot attend Dana's safety driving presentation, other High Schools also offer it at various dates and times. Please contact them directly. 
Aliso Niguel HS # 831-5590
Capistrano Valley HS # 346-6100
San Clemente HS # 492-4165
Tesoro HS # 234-5310
San Juan Hills HS # 234-5900
You must bring the following to register your vehicle for a permit:
  • Driver’s license and current vehicle registration          
  • Cash or check made out to DHHS
  • Student's with an "F" grade on their last report card or on Step 2 or above on a behavior contract will not be eligible for a parking permit. Please see all rules and regulations for further details. 
Parking Fees:
Annual Parking permit fee - $100 with ASU Card
$120 without ASU Card
** If Parking Permit is lost or stolen you must pay full replacement fee: $100 w ASU $120 w/o ASU