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Senior Portrait Information:
To make an appointment for a senior portrait, please contact South Coast PhotographicAll senior portraits are taken by South Coast Photographic. We do not accept senior portraits from other companies. This is to ensure consistency with the images and to ensure that we have access to all portraits.
Tues. October 17th is the final deadline for senior portraits to be taken. 
Senior Portraits: All senior portraits shall be of the student only with a traditional indoor or outdoor background. No props, instruments, pets, athletic equipment, hobby items, or vehicles shall be allowed in the photographs. Clothing shall be modest and free of slogans and/or political expressions and such clothing shall be in conformance with the Capistrano Unified School District´s dress code.
Advertisements: The Dana Hills High School yearbook and other school yearbooks are not a public forum. Accordingly, any advertisements must be free of political expression and reflect the common values of the Capistrano Unified School District. Advertisements shall not promote the use of tobacco, drugs, or the use of other items prohibited from use on school grounds. 
Senior Messages: All senior messages shall be free of personal attacks, abusive language, racial epithets, vulgar comments, sexual innuendo, and all other speech that is inconsistent with the shared community values of the Capistrano Unified School District. 
Senior Ads Information:
These ads are a fundraiser for the yearbook program. The money raised goes towards the production of the yearbook and is used to offset the cost of the yearbook, making the book more affordable to all students. Students whose parents/guardians buy an ad will also receive front of the line passes to yearbook distribution, a yearbook cover, and autograph pages.  
October 31st  Deadline
December 5th  Deadline 
January 16th Deadline
1/8 page ad
1/4 page ad
1/2 page ad
Full page ad
Visit The Yearbook Company to see sizes and formats or call (951) 274-9561
  • What is the actual production cost per unit (yearbook) and at what price are the yearbooks sold?
On average the cost to make each book varies depending on the number of pages, quality of paper and use of color. Our yearbooks cost around $110-$120 to make. We print in full color and charge $85-$105. The money made from the senior ads at the back of the book are used to offset the cost of the book, making it more affordable to all students. Any remaining funds are used to update the computers and software required to produce the yearbook as we do not receive school funding for these expenditures. 
  • Are the prices for the yearbooks at Dana Hills comparable to other schools in the district?
Yes. In some cases we are even cheaper.  
  • Why the price increase in MARCH?
All books are sold for $110 in March. The reason for the price increase in MARCH is because our order with Jostens needs to be finalized in February. We order our books based off our presale numbers. The price increase helps to offset the loss of funds due to over ordering/not selling out. While it would be easier to simply set a final date, we strive to give students –especially seniors—every opportunity to purchase a book. Sometimes kids have to save money, and sometimes they change their minds. We try to be accommodating.   


2018-19 Yearbook Prices Before March 1st:
With an ASU Card: $85
Without an ASU Card: $105
Yearbook Prices Starting March 1st:
With OR without an ASU Card: $110


Yearbook and Newspaper Application Process:
Applications for internships are available in December and applications to become full-time staff members are available in April. Applications will be posted online and outside of Room 706.
The publications at Dana Hills High School are student run businesses. They do not receive funding from the school or ASU. Both publications are printed with money raised by selling ad space. Our ability to produce these publications is contingent upon meeting Ed Code 48907.
The Mast and THE PAPER are also competitive publications. We compete with The National Scholastic Press Association and Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Because of the competitive nature, as well as the legal and ethical responsibilities, linked to The Mast and THE PAPER, it is imperative that we only accept the most qualified applicants.
Both applications require students to submit samples of student work, teacher recommendations, and current transcripts. Each applicant is given an interview by current staff members.  
Selecting Members:
  • Each application is read or viewed (photography/graphic design) anonymously. The advisor and current staff members rank each application.  
  • Interviewers then provide a recap of their interviews. Was the applicant well spoken? Was the applicant on time? Were their responses appropriate? The staff and advisor will then rank these applicants.
  • These rankings will be put into an excel spreadsheet by the advisor. The advisor will then take into account the applicant’s GPA and teacher evaluation scores.
  • Using the final calculations, the advisor will determine which applicants will be selected. The advisor has final say, not the students.
What if your application is not accepted?
Please reapply the following year. Do not give up. One of my all-time favorite staffers was rejected from THE PAPER his freshman year (by the previous advisor). He applied with his four closest friends and his then girlfriend. All of his friends and girlfriend were taken on staff. He was told by the previous advisor, “Journalism isn’t your thing.”
He applied again his sophomore year, this time, to the yearbook. He worked hard to prove himself, and in his senior year he was elected by his peers to be the Senior Editor-in-Chief. This would not have happened if he gave up. In 2015 he was hired by Vogue magazine.
If you have any further questions, please make an appointment to see Mr. Sampson in 706.


Advisor: T. Sampson