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Ed Code

CA Ed 48907- Student Expression of Freedom of Speech and Press
-“Pupils of the public schools shall have the right to exercise freedom of speech and of the press including, but not limited to, the use of bulletin boards, the distribution of printed materials or petitions, the wearing of buttons, badges, and other insignia, and the right of expression in official publications, whether or not the publications or other means of expression are supported financially by the school or by use of school facilities, except that expression shall be prohibited which is obscene, libelous, or slanderous. Also prohibited shall be material that so incites pupils as to create a clear and present danger of the commission of unlawful acts on school premises or the violation of lawful school regulations, or the substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the school.”
-”Each governing board of a school district and each county board of education shall adopt rules and regulations in the form of a written publications code, which shall include reasonable provisions for the time, place, and manner conducting such activities within its respected jurisdiction.”

Capousd Code BP 5140- Positive School Climate:
-“Students shall not: bully or injure other students; use vulgar, obscene or inflammatory language which challenges others toward violence; or damage or deface school or personal property.”

Capousd Code BP 5184- Freedom of Speech/Expression
-“Free inquiry and exchange of ideas are essential parts of a democratic education. The Governing Board respects students’ rights to express ideas and opinions, take stands, and support causes, whether controversial or not, through their speech, writings, printed materials and/or the wearing of buttons, badges and other insignia.”
-”Students are prohibited from making any expressions or distributing or posting any materials which are obscene, libelous or slanderous, or which demonstrably incite students to commit unlawful acts on school premises, violate school rules, or substantially disrupt the school’s orderly operation. (Education Code 48907)”
-”Students shall be free to post or distribute handbills, leaflets and other printed material, whether produced within or outside of the school. Students may collect signatures on petitions concerning either school or out-of-school issues. All printed matter and petitions distributed, circulated or posted on school property shall bear the name and the address or contact location of the sponsoring organization or individual.”

Need a approval process documented 
All posters must be asset based, meaning cheering for our team only. Does not reference the opponent at all.  

Posters shall not be thrown or used as anything other than vessel to contain supportive/ funny message
Posters may not be overtly negative, obscene, or libelous. The purpose of signs and posters at sporting events is to hype up the student section and create a fun environment for both our team and crowd.
No curse words or hate speech.