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ASU Approved Fundraisers

ASU Approved Fundraisers

  • Football Home Games Fundraising                      
  • Angels Fundraising
  • Chipotle Restaurant Night 
  • Avid BTSN Water
  • Avid Popcorn Sales 
  • PTSA Bake Sales and Spritwear 
  • Jr. Dolphins 
  • Chipotle Restaurant Night 
  • Handels Ice Cream Sandwiches 
  • Snap Raise Fundraiser
  • Varsity Basketball Snack Bar 
  • Girls Volleyball Snack Bar 
  • Football Home Games Fundraising-snack bar, apparel, hoco cart
  • DHHS theater minute to give it 
  • SOCSA theater snack cart 
  • Girls Basketball Free Throw a Thon 
  • Girls Basketball Valentines Carnation Sales 
  • Girls Basketball Snack Bar 
  • Choir Snapraise Fundraiser
  • Choir Minute to Give it 
  • Girls Basketball Graduation Lei sales 
  • Arroyo Pod Productions Middle School
  • KHK Cotton Candy Sales 
  • Snack Bar CIF Girls Volleyball 
  • Chipotle Fundraiser Marching Band
  • Pod Productions St. Edwards Dance
  • Ritas Italian Ice Give Back Event
  • Pod Productions Marco Dance
  • Boy's Soccer Concessions 
  • KHK Cotton Candy 
  • Deserve Comfort Drive
  • Boy and Girls Volleyball Kick Off Fundraiser 
  • Snack Bar for Basketball 
  • Toys for Tots 
  • Olive Crest Service
  • Hot Chocolate Fundraiser
  • Dolphin Glasses
ASU Fundraising Forms 

ASU Fundraising Forms 

  • All fundraisers that are held on campus should be approved by cabinet. 
  • All fundraisers that are conduced and money is depostited into an ASB trust account needs to be approved by cabinet.