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Students who arrive at school after the bell but less than 30 minutes late should proceed directly to class, since the Attendance Office will not write tardy excuses. 
If your child arrives late due to a medical appointment, please have them bring a note and see the Attendance Office upon arrival.
Any student who arrives to class after the bell, but less than 30 minutes late, will be considered tardy. Students who arrive to class late create a disruption regardless of the reason. As a result, parents are unable to clear a tardy.
Those who are more than 30 minutes late will be marked absent by the teacher and will need a pass from the attendance office. Per Education Code and Board Policy (pdf), all rules pertaining to unexcused absences will also apply to a tardy of 30 minutes or more.
For additional information regarding possible consequences resulting from tardies and truancies, please reference the CUSD High School Disciplinary Policies and Procedures Handbook.