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Graduation 2022


Dana Hills High School
2022 Graduation Ceremony
Thursday, June 2nd, 4:00pm
Graduation is an important event for you and your family. To assist you in organizing this special day, please share the following information with your family and friends.
1.     Graduation rehearsal is MANDATORY. Rehearsal is Thursday, June 2nd at 9:00am on the football field. If you are not at this rehearsal, you MAY  NOT WALK at the graduation ceremony.
2.     Graduation is on Thursday, June 2nd at 4:00pm. The gates will open at 2:00pm.
3.     School safety is a top priority for us. To this end, we are monitoring the people who come onto our campus and into our stadium for graduation. We can no longer allow for lining up at the gates prior to 2:00pm. Security will be in place to monitor this expectation. 
4. There will be no tickets necessary to attend the event. Graduation is open to all attendees, we are not limiting entrees based on tickets. However, seating is based on a first come first serve basis. Gates will open at 2:00pm. 

A.    Please tell your guests that the stadium gates will close at 3:40pm for about 15 minutes to allow the Seniors to walk down to the field. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE STADIUM DURING THIS TIME! Please tell your family and friends to be at the stadium before 3:40pm! Parking, as always on this day, will be a challenge. A shuttle service provided from the Salt Creek beach parking lot on Pacific Coast Highway.
5.     Graduating seniors must be at school no later than 3:00pm on Thursday, June 2nd.You will be guided to the science quad after entering the main gym entrance. Please enter the building by using the main gym entrance. Please be aware of the following:
□      CARRY YOUR CAP AND GOWN when you arrive between 2:30-3:00pm (You will be searched and then you may put your cap and gown on while waiting in the science quad area. Bring hairpins to hold your cap on.
□      Do not bring: purses, cameras, cell phones, presents, flowers, etc. with you when you enter the gym, as these items will not be allowed onto the field. Confiscated items will be labeled and turned into the front office. You may pick them up following the ceremony by 6:00pm. Items not picked up by 6:00pm can be retrieved the following morning. You will not be able to leave the science quad after you have been checked in.
□      Please dress appropriately (your relatives will be taking a lot of pictures of you). No shorts, sandals, etc. Also, please do not attach anything to your cap or gown such as corsages, leis, pins, buttons, etc. (these items will be removed). Caps and gowns may not be altered in any way, including decorations of caps.  Only identifying items from official CUSD approved programs will be allowed. (See below.) You may wear sunglasses. 
□      Please remember to bring your medallion, tassel, stoles & cords (for CSF, NHS, Thespians, HMO, SOCSA, ASU and Publications). We do NOT have extras so if you forget them… you don’t wear them.
□      We strongly recommend that you use the Salt Creek  beach shuttle parking lot. There is no reserved senior parking on graduation day.
6.       All cap & gowns are distributed on Wednesday, June 1st, from 10:30am-11:30am in the gym.
7.       If you have disabled/handicapped relatives, there will be a handicapped/elderly drop off spot at the visitor’s gate of the football stadium located at the far end of the stadium (towards the canyon). Please read the handout regarding handicapped seating. Please be mindful of the limited number of handicapped parking spots on campus.
8.      You will receive an empty diploma cover during the ceremony. Following the ceremony, you may pick up your diploma from your assigned counselor, located on the grass in front of the gym.  
9. Outstanding fees: Any student with outstanding fines ( library, athletics, or activities) may not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. Any outstanding fees can be paid on or prior to June 1st, 2022 prior to picking up your cap and gown. 
Due to the limited number of parking spots on campus and the closure of the residential streets surrounding Dana Hills High School, there will be a shuttle service from the parking lot on PCH at Salt Creek beach to the high school for the graduation ceremony. Shuttle services will be available from 1:45pm until 6:30pm.
The gates will be open at 2:00pm to enter the stadium. 
Due to school safety issues, lining up the day of graduation prior to 2:00pm can no longer be allowed. Security will be on campus that day to monitor all visitors.
Please be advised that the gates will close at 3:40pm for approximately 15 minutes to allow the graduates to walk down to the field. The gates will reopen after the graduates have entered the field.
Please do not bring pets, lawn chairs (stadium seats are allowed), ice chests, coolers, metal or glass containers, umbrellas, balloons, skateboards/razors or noise makers to the stadium as you will be asked to return them to your vehicle.
Congratulations  and good luck class of 2022 ! 
2022 Graduation
Disability/Senior Assisted Seating
1.  There will be a limited number of disabled citizen parking spots available in the student parking lot next to the stadium. Due to the numerous requests, please be aware that a disabled citizen vehicle placard will not guarantee a parking spot in the reserved lot. We will have approximately 40 additional spots reserved for disabled parking.
2.  The disabled/senior assisted entrance is located at the visitor’s gate (the far end of the stadium near the canyon) where there is a ramp for easy access. There will be teachers and DHHS staff members to assist everyone.
3.  The disabled/senior assisted seating area will be located directly on the track in front of the visitor’s section. We will have a couple of golf carts to assist those who are not able to walk the distance, however, they will only be available to take you to your seat, but not return you to your vehicle. A ramp on the visitor's side will allow easy access for wheelchairs.
4.  We request only ONE (1) person escort and sit with a disabled/senior family member to assist them. Remaining family members may sit in the visitor’s bleachers behind them. We have to set this limit due to the large number of requests for assisted seating.
5.  I also suggest bringing large hats (no umbrellas) for shade.
Please contact our Activities Director , Sandy Mesa if you have any other questions about graduation at 
*You can place your order for your Cap & Gown, your 2022 Graduation Announcements and your Class Ring by either going online to or contacting your Jostens representative, Jack Nicholson, directly at his office at 714-751-0260. 


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